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"A lot of y'all favorite artists wouldn't be y'all favorite artists if it wasn't for Cudi."

Earlier this month, Kid Cudiunexpectedly dissed Drake and Kanye West and complimented an assortment of other hip hop artists, that included Audio Push, in one fell swoop. "All my youngins out here reppin," he wrote, "Asap Rocky and the whole ASAP family, Travis Scott, SuperDuper Kyle, Audio Push, Hit Boy, etc, I see yall."

During a recent stop by the HNHH office, Audio Push spoke on the shoutout and Cudi's vast influence.

"Cudi has brought us a couple times on the internet, so it's pretty sick," Oktane said. "But just to see it randomly there, it was like, 'WOAH.'"

"God, with a lowercase 'G'," added Price.

Audio Push collaborated with Cudi on the 2014 release "Scorn." The duo was effusive in their praise of Cudi. "The other times it happened, I was stoked," Oktane said. "But then we brought it up in the middle of what he was talking about, I was like, 'Damn, we must really be something that he gives a fuck about.' Now I'm really in super mode... all my heroes done already told me our shit is dope, so it's like, I don't care what a hater nigga has to say no more."

"The thing I love about Cudi is he's unapologetically real," Price said. "He birthed so much of, not even the new generation of artists, but a lot of y'all favorite artists wouldn't be y'all favorite artists if it wasn't for Cudi."

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